21st Century Oncology, in Collaboration with UCLA and Stanford, Recognized with “Best of Astro” Award

November 08, 2018

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Nov. 8, 2018 – Research conducted by 21st Century Oncology, in collaboration with UCLA, Stanford, and other esteemed cancer research centers, was selected for a “Best of ASTRO” award, which recognizes the top 10 research submissions. The abstract titled, “Long-Term Outcomes of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Low – and Intermediate-Risk Prostate Adenocarcinoma: A Multi-Institutional Consortium Study,” was presented by Dr. Amar U. Kishan, an assistant professor at UCLA, at the 2018 ASTRO (American Society for Radiation Oncology) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX on Oct. 22.

Prostate SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) is a recent and highly advanced method of radiation therapy that delivers a curative radiation dose to the prostate over a short-term treatment period of five visits. The treatment technology combines high-quality X-ray imaging and beam shaping capabilities to deliver radiation with extreme precision and accuracy.

21st Century Oncology was among the very first treatment centers internationally to treat patients using this technology in 2002. Since then, 21st Century Oncology has enrolled hundreds of patients into this research study and has published results that demonstrate high rates of cure with very few or serious side effects.

“I am very proud of our research efforts at 21st Century Oncology, in particular our innovative work in helping to develop this sophisticated and highly effective treatment for prostate cancer” said Dr. Constantine Mantz, M.D., Chief Policy Officer, 21st Century Oncology “Our research data contributed significantly to this joint effort involving UCLA and other institutions. We can now offer this treatment as a standard of care for selected patients with early-stage prostate cancer in many of our community clinics.”

Constantine Mantz, M.D. was the contributing 21st Century Oncology physician in conjunction with Amar U. Kishan,M.D.; Alan J. Katz, M.D.; Fang-I Chu, Ph.D.; Limor Appelbaum, M.D.; and Andrew Loblaw, M.D., F.R.C.P.C, M.Sc.

About 21st Century Oncology

21st Century Oncology is the largest global provider of Integrated Cancer Care services that strongly believes in fighting for patients like an army and caring for them like a family. Operating as one dream team in the crusade against cancer, the company employs or is affiliated with nearly 1,000 physicians globally to deliver the most advanced, integrated, and compassionate cancer care in personal and convenient settings. Headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, 21st Century Oncology operates 165 treatment centers, including 129 centers located in 15 U.S. states. In addition, the company operates 36 centers located in eight countries in Latin America. For more information, please visit https://www.21co.com/.


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